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Background Information on the Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL)

We have put together a collection of useful links to human rights groups in Palestine-Israel and to international rights and environmental groups.

Peace groups and human rights organisations describe the reality of the JNF

The European Commission criticises the Prawer Plan

Dr. Awad Abu Freih, describes how the JNF covers up the ruins of this village

Dr Uri Davis presents other examples of ethnic cleansing

Dr. Salman Abu Sitta remembers the bread basket of Palestine – the Negev.

Dr. Eurig Scandrett of the Scottish Green Party criticises the JNF's forestry techniques

Letter to Environmentalists from the Palestine Committee, Stuttgart (German language)

Stop the Wall, the Jewish Antizionist-Network and the Palestinian Farmers Union
suchen Spenden um JNF-Schaden im Negev in Grenzen zu halten

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